David Crandall

Senior Account Executive - Boston

David is an accomplished Full Desk Technical Recruiter with a specialization in placing top-tier IT and software engineering candidates in the vibrant Boston tech scene. With a wealth of experience and an extensive network, David has earned a reputation for his talent in connecting organizations with exceptional professionals.

Having consistently delivered outstanding results, David possesses an excellent understanding of the IT and software engineering landscape, making him a trusted advisor for companies seeking top talent. His ability to match candidates with the right opportunities has contributed to numerous successful hires.

Beyond his dedication to recruitment and working with hiring managers, David leads a well-rounded life. When he’s not busy identifying talent, you can find him out on the water or enjoying the mountains while skiing.

If you’re seeking a recruitment expert who understands the IT industry intricacies and can help your organization thrive, or if you simply want to share an outdoor adventure story, reach out to David. His wealth of experience, commitment to excellence, and love for life makes him an asset in the dynamic tech world.