Amanda Sullivan

Amanda Sullivan
Director of Recruitment

Amanda Sullivan has been with firstPRO since April of 2015. After her team of recruiters in the Philadelphia IT division split into two pods in July, she moved into one of the Team Lead positions. Prior to her time with firstPRO, Amanda was a Technical Recruiter with another agency where she placed professionals in niche roles, as well as, the five verticals that firstPRO IT  continues to focus on – database, development, technical support, functional, and infrastructure.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management with a major in Marketing and minor in Management Information Systems.


Roger Finch – Web Developer at Geary LSF

“I had such a great experience with Amanda. She always kept me well informed and up-to-date with my opportunities without being pushy or overbearing. It’s really nice to work with a recruiter like Amanda. She cares about getting you into the correct position rather than just trying to push you into a company to collect the commission.”


Contact Amanda Sullivan

(215) 910-4693