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Patty Fish



Patty Fish
Recruiting Manager, Accounting & Finance

Patty has been working at firstPRO since 2013 and has been in the accounting and finance staffing/placement industry for 25 years.  She began her career in audit in Big 4 Accounting as a CPA at Arthur Anderson, but soon learned that she wanted work more with people.  In 1990, Patty began working as a full desk recruiter for an international staffing firm,  with a focus on temporary placement.  Since then, she has done permanent placement, high level contract placement, contract recruiting, and have come full circle back to a temporary recruiting role at firstPRO.   In 2017, Patty was promoted to Recruiting Manager of the Accounting and Finance Division.  She has recruited in Atlanta since 2009, as well as Detroit.  She is a Michigan State graduate, a CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant), and feels her accounting background gives her an edge as a recruiter in the A&F field!


Cheryl Perez – 

“I want to say that I have enjoyed working with you so far; you are by far the best recruiter that I have had the opportunity to relate with thus far in the Atlanta area.  This long-term temp position is scheduled to last through the end of the year and I hope that we can continue to network.”

Ragat Abraha –

“Thank you for taking the time to see me this afternoon.  I enjoyed very much our meeting .  I told Anthony how well you received me and that you made me feel welcome.  He said  “she is very professional and knows her stuff”


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