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There are many difficulties associated with recruiting. It can be a challenge to attract the right candidates who are qualified for the positions you need to fill. Sometimes it can take far too long to fill an open position. But one of the biggest obstacles you will have to overcome as a recruiter is losing candidates. It can be difficult to even find qualified candidates so it’s disappointing when they tell you they’re no longer interested. So why are you losing them? Here are a few reasons you might be.

1. A slow recruiting process

Taking too long in the recruiting process can lead to candidates getting frustrated. While unemployed job seekers have time for a phone screen and three in-person interviews, the passive job seekers--which are often the top talent--don’t. If you’re scheduling a second or third interview, it’s very possible that another company or recruiter could be offering them a position based on one interview.

One way around this is to have all the necessary interviews happen in one day. You want to make sure that each step in the recruiting process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

2. Poor communication

Your candidates will be anxious to hear from you. You don’t need to give daily status updates, but it’s nice of you to answer or return calls or emails. If they don’t hear back from you within a week, it’s smart to assume they are seeking a position elsewhere. It’s also possible that they will start to doubt your commitment. Even if you are busy, it doesn’t take long to send a simple email checking in with someone.

3. Your job descriptions aren’t complete

Each job description needs to have the most important information: job title, job purpose, job responsibilities and duties, required and preferred qualifications, as well as working conditions. You’ll also be more likely to attract the right candidates if you include a salary range. If your job descriptions leave out too much, candidates will look elsewhere

4. You don’t give candidates enough of a preview of the job

Be honest with your candidates about the company culture surrounding the position they are interviewing for. In your job descriptions as well as your interviews, you want to get to the core of the job. Help to keep their expectations realistic.

As a recruiter, the last thing you want to worry about is losing candidates. It’s true that there will always be candidates who aren’t a good fit, and you will always have a certain percentage that you will lose. However, if you follow the tips above, you can minimize your losses.