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Managing a supply chain presents a unique set of challenges, especially in unprecedented times like we are experiencing now. Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains have been disrupted, from paper products to meat and produce to masks and hand sanitizer. Even as supply chains begin to get back to normal, supply chain managers face ongoing obstacles to overcome. 

The Pros of Supply Chain Management Software

These business leaders may consider using supply chain management software to help. This kind of software comes with many benefits, like:

  • Alleviating risks like logistical errors and late shipments
  • Assistance with decision-making for the future and easier forecasting
  • Reduced costs 
  • Improved customer service and communication

The main way supply chain management software helps is that it automates many of the processes supply chain managers are responsible for like order processing, invoicing, and shipment tracking. This technology can also identify where to cut costs in warehousing, manufacturing, or logistics, and it can identify where there are excessive materials. 

Supply chain management software can also help improve inventory management, provide easy management reporting as well as analysis and give better visibility across the entire network. It supports communication and collaboration between all involved parties–suppliers, distributors, and partners. 

The Cons of Supply Chain Management Software

So what are the disadvantages of supply chain management software? First of all, it can be a little expensive to implement. The costs of setting up the software may seem a little overwhelming. It can also be difficult to integrate the software with existing systems, and there may be a bit of a transitional period. 

Supply chain managers must factor in the reduced costs caused by the implementation of the software, however. While the disadvantages of initial setup and implementation may be strong considerations in the short term, in the long term, the time and money saved from the ongoing use of the software will be well worth it. 

Recommended Supply Chain Management Software

There are quite a few options to choose from. Here are three of our favorites:


  • AnvylIn addition to its beneficial ability to manage suppliers and have better visibility across the supply chain, Anvyl also integrates easily with the majority of ERPs.
  • NetSuiteNetSuite offers real-time planning and allows supply chain managers to reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve profitability.
  • Elementum – This platform helps organizations to discover, analyze, and resolve potential issues before they become real problems. 


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Overall, the benefits of supply chain management software outweigh the negatives. It can make a supply chain manager’s job go much smoother. And who doesn’t need that?