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Your resume should be no longer than one page per 10 years of experience. The shorter your resume, the more of it that can be seen at a glance and a glance is all that some managers will have time for. Include just enough information necessary to create an interest in meeting with you. Quality, not quantity, is the key here. Ask your FirstPRO consultant for an objective evaluation on the current version of your resume.


The position and industry you are interested in should determine your résumé’s appearance. For example, when seeking a professional position, employ a more conservative approach. Generally the best resume is laser printed on a white or off-white high quality stock paper with traditional typeface.
Detail and format are critical. Neatness counts. Typographical errors, misspellings and faulty grammar are completely unacceptable. Resume appearance and quality will have a significant impact when your FirstPRO consultant obtains an interview on your behalf.



Your resume should present your professional background in the most favorable light. Use strong, confident language to describe your achievements. For example, “As the Senior Cost Accountant, my financial analysis redesigned our assembly-line process, cutting production time by 20 percent, thus increasing profits by 15 percent.” Or “As Senior Account Supervisor, I developed over $500k in new business and increased my existing client base spend by 25 percent. These efforts grew the agency’s profitability by more than 15 percent over the previous year.” Use action-oriented words such as directed, established, created, designed, produced and developed throughout your resume to better market yourself. Think of your resume as a sales brochure for the most important product you have to offer – You!



Never include age, height, weight, marital status, hobbies and other extraneous details that will distract from the more critical content. Military service, however, is important even if it is not related directly to the position you are seeking. Salary requirements are not appropriate either. This sensitive issue is best left alone and should be negotiated on your behalf by your FirstPRO consultant.




It may take a couple of drafts to get your resume into its ideal format. Examine your first draft carefully, and then refine it again. Incorporate your revisions, and have someone else review it as well.

Make sure it answers “yes” to the following important questions:

  • Does it effectively describe your background?
  • Does it quantify your strengths and accomplishments?
  • Is it accurate?
  • Is it complete, yet concise?
  • Is the format clean and attractive?
  • Is it a successful sales piece?
  • Does it reflect the value you have added to your employer in prior roles?
  • Does it give you the edge to differentiate yourself?