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Getting an interview call from a recruiter can be exciting, especially if it’s purely based on your resume, the skills on your LinkedIn, and of course, the interview that you might have just given. You may think that you have a guaranteed job at your dream workplace and will thus start to wait on confirmation. 

Days go by with you checking and refreshing your email every second. After a week, you’re left confused. Why didn’t the recruiter call back? Your resume seemed perfect as per the job description, but you didn’t even receive a call. What happened? Did someone else get the job? 

Here are some reasons why for not getting calls after interviews or why there was no reply after you sent in your CV:


You Didn’t Apply Properly


You may have noticed an opening at your dream company on social media or through LinkedIn applications. Even though you may have spoken to the head of HR via inbox, you did not go through the formal application process. This means that your recruiter may not even have registered you as a potential employee.

Expressing interest in a position online or verbally at your friend’s party does not matter. You must send out a professional email with a cover letter and your resume that states why you would be an ideal candidate for the job. If you find an advertised vacancy, you must have a record of your application by email, as well as a copy of your updated CV.


You Fell Victim to Disorganization 


The hiring process for most firms is haphazard, overwhelming, and disorganized. While you may have followed the correct channels of recruitment and filled out the application procedure perfectly, you have to keep in mind that there are humans on the other end of the process who may feel overburdened and stressed out. This may cause them to simply forget about your application, causing it to get buried underneath hundreds of other applications.

While you can’t stop fate, there are certainly a few things you can do to avoid being a victim of this. Within two working days of sending your application, try to follow up with the recruiter, HR manager, or a reference within the company to find out what happened to your job application and whether the firm will be reaching out to you soon. 


You May Not Qualify for the Position


Recruiters usually get loads of applications, half of which do not even meet the job criteria. When hiring, you may get so overexcited about a job that you forget to focus on the details and do not notice the position required for the job.

If a job is advertising for someone at a senior level, and you are just a beginner or do not have too much experience, you will be counted as an unqualified applicant and may not get a call or email back. Hence, do not waste your time waiting for one or harassing the HR manager by sending out ten demanding emails in a day. 


You Do Not Have the Correct Education


Each job that sends out applications is looking for someone with a specific degree that relates back to the job. That is why most jobs advertise minimum degree requirements. If you apply for a job that requires a psychology degree but you have a degree in finance, do not expect your recruiter to call you back. 

Before applying for any job, you must look at the requirements. Pay attention to words such as “required” and “desired.” If something is unclear, simply ask the recruiter what kind of applicant the job requires. Look for jobs that match your education and degree. Do not waste time applying to random jobs left, right, and center. Not only do you waste your own time and energy, but also the time of recruiters on the other end of the screen.


You May Have Some Tough Competition


Did you get past the recruitment process and manage to woo your recruiters at the interview? Maybe you were told that you are a perfect fit for the job and that you should expect a confirmation email soon. However, three days later and you still do not have any good news lying in your inbox. Everything seemed great. You may also have given in your notice over at your old job. What happened?

It’s possible that even though you were perfect for the job, your recruiter may have found someone they believe may be better suited. This means you have competition. Do not worry. All you have to do is get in touch with the recruiter immediately and introduce yourself. Remind him of how your interview went, and make sure to communicate your skills and why you would be a brilliant fit in the company. Don’t be afraid to send out a couple of emails before you get a reply.

Have you been unable to receive a call from a recruiter, regardless of how many jobs you apply to or how perfectly you think you fit the job description? It looks like you need some help. Contact us today for guidance on how to match with your recruiter.