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A resume is a key component to the job-seeking process but even the most qualified professionals struggle with writing a strong resume.

Resume writing is an art, and only the best resumes catch the eyes of top employers. This is why there is a large network of professional resume writers who offer their services to job seekers who are looking for an edge up.

If your resume hasn’t been very successful in getting you in the door to interviews, then you might want to consider hiring a professional resume writer.

Here are some tips on how to determine if you need a resume writer and how to find the right professional writer for your needs.

What is a Professional Resume Writer?

A professional resume writer offers resume writing services for job seekers who are looking for a well-crafted resume. Many career seekers may be extremely talented in their field, but they lack the writing skills and hiring knowledge to stand out on paper.

Professional resume writers offer their freelance services to exceed industry standards and help you meet your job search goals. Professional writers know how to put themselves in the shoes of a hiring manager to build a resume that will stand out in the applicant pool.

Resume writing pros are often career experts in a certain field, so they are up-to-date on all of the most relevant experience, transferable skills, industry keywords, and relevant achievements that potential employers want to see. They also utilize resume templates that are attractive and easy to scan through.

Essentially, strong resume writers know how to make you sound great in a functional resume that is sure to stand out and get you in the door.

Pros of Hiring a Resume Writer

Here are some of the pros of hiring a professional resume writer:

  • They know what potential employers want to see- Experienced resume writers stay in the know about what hiring managers look for in a good resume. They are experts in the hiring field with inside knowledge on the hiring process and what makes an effective resume. If your resume hasn’t been getting any hits, you might need to re-evaluate with a professional writer.
  • They are skilled writers- Resume writers are talented writers who know how to write clear copy that gets to the point. If writing isn’t one of your strong suits, a resume writer can help your true talents and skills shine by presenting them in an easily digestible way.
  • They know what information is key- A freelance writer who specializes in writing resumes in your industry will know what key accomplishments, transferable skills, soft skills, relevant work experience, academic achievements, and volunteering experience is worth including. It can be hard to know what to include in a single resume, so writers will filter through your career achievements and pick out the most applicable skills that will stand out to your target employer.
  • They can fill in the gaps- A strong resume writer will be able to take a period of time in which you were out of work and frame it in a way that is attractive and not a red flag to employers. If you are insecure about gaps in your resume, a writer may be able to help you draw from your career history to present a career story that is more enticing to employers but still accurate. 

Cons of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

Here are some of the cons of hiring a professional resume writer:

  • The costs can be high- Hiring a professional resume writer can be pricey. Hourly rates range from $400 an hour to $25 an hour. The top-tier resume writers can give you a near-perfect resume but you may not be in the market for the cost. An affordable resume service may seem more palatable, but you could end up with a mediocre resume. Determine your budget and the writer’s ability to deliver results before you make any decisions.
  • The resume template could be generic- Professional resume writers may deal with a large number of clients and if they are using only a couple of templates, you run the risk of paying for a generic resume. The template may still be better than what you had before but if you’re going to pay for a writing service, you should ensure that your document will be visually unique while still meeting industry standards. 
  • The writing style might not sound like you- A winning resume catches the attention of prospective employers, but it also needs to accurately reflect your voice. If a writer uses the same tone for every resume that they write, your uniqueness may be lost in the process. Make sure that the writer can accurately portray your voice and tone before you hire them.

Choosing the Right Professional Resume Writer

Choosing the right resume writer is all about doing your research. You should look for resume writers with ample experience and resume writing certifications. Also, be sure to choose a writer who specializes in your field. This is the best way to be sure that they have the industry knowledge necessary to give you an edge up.

Check out the resume reviews on their website and read about their dedication to customer satisfaction. After you determine your budget and your ideal employer, you can choose at least three professional writing services that meet your expectations.

Of these three options, set up a call with each of them and be sure to ask questions about their templates, writing style, success rates, and turnaround times. You should also ask how many rounds of edits they offer in case you need to tweak their initial draft.

Be prepared to provide them with your current resume, career goals, and details like your educational experience and transferable skills. It’s always better to give them more information than less because they are skilled at trimming things down and choosing exactly what to include to make you shine.

DIY Resumes

If you decide to write your own resume, you should also apply the same mentality of research to the project. Read about the habits of highly effective job seekers and spend some time on candidate preparation practices. You can even research best resume writing practices. When in doubt, keep it to a page that is bulleted and easily scannable.

A high-quality resume isn’t just the sum of your experience level, it’s all about how it is presented. It might be worth purchasing a stylized template and meeting with a career coach to review your current resume. Staffing agencies can also give you tips and actionable advice to improve your resume writing skills.

Staffing agencies will offer more assistance in your job hunt by matching you with a job recruiter and career counselor who will get your application in the right hands. Find a staffing agency in your field and prepare by reading our blog How To Ace A Staffing Agency Interview

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