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LinkedIn is a popular recruiting platform that many companies rely on to seek out the talent that they need. On the other side of the fence, job seekers can also market themselves and showcase their talents on their page, almost like a digital resume. 

With this in mind, knowing how to properly recruit talent on LinkedIn puts you at an advantage with a larger pool of candidates to look through. Did you know 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn for recruiting and 122 million people have gotten an interview because they used LinkedIn? The stats don’t lie when it comes to showing how significant this platform can be for recruiting. With that in mind, here are our top tips for recruiting using LinkedIn. 

Post Content Regularly

Having an active company page on LinkedIn is more important than you might initially think. Posting consistent and engaging content to your company page results in potential talent being drawn to your company, and becoming interested in what you’re doing. 

Showing that you have an active online presence is key in this day and age to bring attention to yourself and give people an idea of how your organization is run and what the culture is like. 

Use Your Own Network 

Building a network is highly beneficial when it comes to finding the perfect candidate. Regularly connecting and engaging with new connections on LinkedIn will help you to create a meaningful network. Not to mention, having immediate access to qualified candidates for a vacant position that you need to fill makes the recruitment process more streamlined if you need to quickly fill a spot.

Join Groups and Communities

While having your network is an important aspect in recruiting, joining communities and groups will allow you to meet even more qualified candidates. You can seek out groups that specialize in a particular skill which will make your search more efficient. In addition, you can look through people’s pages to see more detail about their skills and history before you even reach out to them.

Use Paid Options

While having a free account on LinkedIn is certainly fine, a paid account is highly beneficial as it allows you to have access to great tools to make your recruitment process easier. 


One example is a more advanced search system where you can more accurately find the people you are looking for. You also have the ability to send mass emails to candidates who meet your desired skill set. Lastly, you can use analytics to track the overall success of your recruitment campaigns.


If you are looking for someone very specific, then paying for the premium options is worth exploring. After all, you are bound to make the money back tenfold with great talent.


LinkedIn is continuously improving, adding more features and tools, and streamlining the overall process of both recruiting and engaging with connections. If you’re not already actively using LinkedIn for your recruiting or job hunting purposes, then what are you waiting for?