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When people think of artificial intelligence, the image of robots taking over the world like in The Matrix seems to come to mind. However, in the next ten to twenty years, we will start to see AI transforming many industries. It will play a great role in changes in the staffing industry. According to research done by Bullhorn, over half of professionals in the recruiting industry have stated to have some knowledge of AI technology.

Recruiters should not worry about the machines taking over their jobs, however, but rather be excited about the ways in which artificial intelligence will help them to do their jobs more efficiently. AI certainly has its limits, and there are aspects of recruiting that will always be performed better by humans

So what are some of the ways in which AI will help recruiters in the future? How are we already seeing AI helping the recruiting process?

AI Will Help Recruiters Find Better Candidates

When it comes to finding the ideal candidate who is well qualified for a particular position, AI-enabled tools will be able to sort through huge databases of candidates to find the best ones. It will also be able to predict signals of whether or not a candidate is ready for a new opportunity, which will increase engagement rates with the candidates in question.

AI Will Increase Recruiters’ Response Time

There are many important communications--like interview confirmations--that can be automated. This will give recruiters more time to focus on cultivating relationships with candidates and clients.

AI Will Improve Diversity

Unconscious human bias can result in discrimination regarding age, gender, geographical location, etc. Using AI-enabled tools to sort through potential candidates removes this bias. 

While AI can help in many ways, it is not without its limits. For example, AI is good at identifying patterns and making connections from data, but humans are needed to determine the causes of such patterns and perform tasks that are more personalized. 

As AI continues to transform the staffing industry, though, recruiters should aim to have a better understanding of AI tools that may be able to assist in the hiring process. The more understanding recruiters have of AI tools--the ways they can be helpful and their limitations--the more they will be able to use AI to do their jobs with more efficiency.